Do You Have Multiple Missing Teeth?

Multiple missing teeth for any reason can be embarrassing and cause you to change your lifestyle. People with all of their teeth are thought to have excellent hygiene with a clean bill of health. While it’s most likely not the case that anything is wrong with you if you are missing a few teeth, it can be hard for most people to get around the social stigma of missing teeth. Not to worry, though. If you are missing some teeth or will be soon, you have a range of options, and Frisco Dental Associates in Frisco, TX can help!

What Are My Choices With Multiple Missing Teeth?

Multiple missing teeth can make it difficult to chew. If you have enough missing teeth, you risk losing facial bone over time and when you smile, they can be a source of embarrassment.

Missing teeth can be caused by physical trauma, decay, or even genetics. Whatever the reason is, it should not be something that causes you mental anguish at any point in your life. Below are some solutions for multiple missing teeth implants in Frisco, TX.

Removable Partial Denture

A removable partial denture is a small denture that has been created to sit in the space where teeth are missing. This can be a permanent or temporary solution. As a permanent solution, the denture doesn’t work that well. It can even accelerate bone loss in the face. This is not as big of a problem for small spaces as it is for larger spaces.

Additionally, wearing a removable partial denture means taking thorough care of your remaining teeth. Failure to do so often leads to tooth decay. You will want to be sure to get to your regular dental exams and cleanings.

If you use this solution, you will need to stay away from sticky and crunchy foods. Removable partial dentures last around five years on average.

Tooth-Supported Fixed Bridge

For this solution, you need healthy teeth on both sides of the gap. In this case, one or two of the remaining teeth on either side are reduced in size and capped.

Again, you will want to take extra care to keep the dental bridge device clean so it does not affect the health of your other teeth. A bridge can last on average about 12 years. Bridges are very sturdy, but to ensure you keep them as long as possible, you should refrain from eating very sticky foods.

Implant-Supported Bridge

This is the only solution that will prevent bone loss due to the lack of a tooth root. The implant acts as a root and stimulates bone growth. People are not commonly aware that their bones are continuously growing and that when you do not have teeth in place, your bone will not rebuild in the area where teeth are missing. This is why people that have dentures or no teeth for an extended period of time appear to have a sunken-in look.

This option is also great for people that want a relatively worry-free solution that will last for more than 12 years. It is also an excellent solution for people that have lost more than one or two teeth in the same area of the mouth. This option does involve noninvasive surgery and can be a bit more expensive, but both patients and dentists favor it.

Finding a Dentist

In addition to the services mentioned above, Frisco Dental also offers:

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