Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Frisco, TX

Cosmetic dentistry exists to help you achieve the smile you desire. If you regularly hide your smile, refuse to laugh, or won’t eat or talk to people in public because of the condition of your teeth, come into Frisco Dental for a free cosmetic dental consultation in Frisco, TX. No one should be embarrassed about the way they look when something can be done about it. Frisco Dental offers cosmetic dentistry services as a solution!

As your cosmetic dentist in Frisco, TX, we offer free smile evaluations and consultations to patients who are considering cosmetic dental services. During this meeting, we’ll sit down with you to discuss what exactly you would like to change about your smile and what options are available to you. We want you to be fully informed so that you can confidently move ahead with your smile makeover!

As your Frisco cosmetic dentist, Dr. Sarah Elrabaa offers the best in aesthetics and smile makeovers with results that are stunning and life-changing at times. Do you wear dentures currently? There is a better option!

Affordable cosmetic and aesthetic treatments can be used to change the shape, color and alignment (in some cases) of teeth. They are also used in situations when there is severe wear due to grinding, severe staining, to close spaces between teeth and to repair fractured, broken or decayed teeth.

Learn More About Our Cosmetic Services:

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

You have probably been to the dentist for a cleaning, to have a filling, to have a tooth pulled, to undergo a root canal, or one of the many other preventative and responsive services that dentists offer. Cosmetic dentistry is more concerned with how teeth appear over whether a tooth can be saved from decay, an accident, or another mishap. Something like fixing a chipped tooth can lie between a cosmetic and preventative procedure.

Many types of procedures can be done on people to give them the smile they want. These procedures vary in price, as well. When you are considering what it is you would like to improve your smile, it is good to review the benefits and drawbacks for each type of procedure.

For example:

  • Should you get an implant or a bridge?
  • Which option suits you and your lifestyle better?
  • How long from now do you want to have to deal with this again?
  • Do you want to be able to chew gum regularly still?

There are many things to consider before choosing any type of dental treatment. You may not think of it right now, but your mouth is a very sensitive place, and making the commitment to do something you are not able to reverse could be detrimental to your current way of life.

What to Expect During My Free Cosmetic Dental Consultation

Before your free cosmetic dental consultation in Frisco, TX with your dentist, you should decide what it is that you want to change about your teeth and smile. Are there teeth out of place that are causing your face to look distorted? Do you have chipped and cracked teeth that you want to look better? Are you missing a tooth that you wish to have replaced? Once you have this part figured out, talk to your dentist about your thoughts.

At your free consultation, you will take your idea of a perfect smile to your dentist and share it with them. They will assess the current condition of your mouth with manual inspection and probably x-rays. After, they will discuss with you what they think is possible for an end result. They will talk to you about the best ways to achieve the results, and then go over the costs. Once you get this information, you can cross-check it with your insurance policy to see what is covered. If there are procedures that are not covered, your dentist may offer options like care credit or have a payment plan that you can enroll in.

At your free consultation, you will:

  • Be assessed and share your vision
  • Gain an understanding of the possibilities
  • Talk about your options
  • Check your insurance
  • Schedule further treatment
  • Be on your way to the smile you want

Why Choose Us

We understand that it can be a difficult decision to begin a cosmetic smile makeover. It’s important that you know we make a continuous effort to provide you with the best possible outcomes for your smile. Furthermore, your local Frisco cosmetic dentist, Dr. Sarah Elrabaa, utilizes advanced technologies, methods, and materials to design the smile you deserve and is available to answer any questions that you have about cosmetic dentistry services in Frisco, TX.

Together, we can create a beautiful, radiant and confident smile that tells your story. A smile that you can’t stop showing off!!

Call us today at 972-362-4037 to schedule your complimentary consultation with us today!


Dr. Elrabaa and the entire staff at Frisco Dental Associates are wonderful! They are all so courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable. They make cleanings and procedures are comfortable as possible. Dr. Elrabaa personally makes calls to check in on you, which sets her apart from any other dentist I’ve ever had. I can’t say enough good things about these lovely people! I live in Dallas now, but still make the drive out to Frisco for dental care. I highly recommend Frisco Dental Associates!
Angela Richardson
Angela Richardson
14:54 08 Jul 20
Best dental team in Texas!!! I have been to them now for 2 dental emergencies and in both cases they have been phenomenal. on my last visit, I needed 2 teeth pulled. after the 1st tooth, my anxiety was getting the best of me (I have very bad dental anxiety) and before I even said anything, Dr. E offered to reschedule my other tooth for another day. not only do they do amazing work, but they actively listen to their patients and work with them. i will recommend them to everyone i know, and I'm certainly not going anywhere else!
Rain Allen
Rain Allen
17:47 27 Jun 20
Everyone friendly and explain treatment and suggestions
Charlene Kagel
Charlene Kagel
15:44 26 Jun 20
Dr. Elrabaa is a top-notch dentist, and a really nice person. She explains the options clearly, and her technique is professional and exacting. Great experience, which is what you want at a dentist! Also important to note that the staff abides by strict COVID procedures to protect everyone.
Trey Smith
Trey Smith
15:00 25 Jun 20
Awesome staff. No pain. They are the best.
Harold Lewis
Harold Lewis
17:57 24 Jun 20
A wonderful, painless, comprehensive experience with an incredibly friendly staff!!
Maria LaNasa
Maria LaNasa
14:44 19 Jun 20
Friendly staff, excellent hygienist (Suzanne), and a very thorough and personable dentist!
Linda Crossman
Linda Crossman
14:58 06 Jun 20
Prompt, no waiting forever like some offices; staff friendly, very efficient.
Claudia Ross
Claudia Ross
00:55 04 Jun 20