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If you are experiencing tooth pain or need extensive work completed on the inside of your tooth, then you may want the services of an endodontist instead of primary dentistry. Frisco Dental offers comprehensive dentistry in Frisco, TX for clients who require more in-depth dental care. Our licensed professionals have acquired the additional training and certification necessary to become qualified endodontists.

We can diagnose your current condition and then find the right treatment that will restore your smile and improve the function of your teeth.

What is an Endodontist?

Four distinguishing characteristics separate endodontists from regular dentists:

1. Advanced Education

Endodontists have two to three years of additional training and education that they must undertake in a more advanced program. This training is required in addition to completing four years of dental school. During training, dentists learn how to treat conditions associated with the dental pulp.

2. Expertise in Treating the Dental Pulp

This kind of tooth specialist knows how to treat conditions that arise in the dental pulp. Our dentists complete several different types of procedures each week. They are skilled at identifying the cause of oral and facial medical issues that arise.

3. Pain Management is the Focus

The primary focus of this kind of tooth specialist is pain management. This means diagnosing what is causing the pain, causing as little pain as possible during treatment, and then mitigating pain during your recovery. Your discomfort will reduce the time it takes you to heal.

4. Advanced Dentistry Technology

Dentists are only as good as the tools they use. Our endodontists use cutting edge technology to treat your medical issues with absolute precision. We utilize radiographs, 3-D imaging, dental operating microscopes, and dental dams so that we can identify the exact cause of your pain and find the best solution for it.

Services That Our Endodontists Provide

If you are looking for an endodontist in Frisco, TX, we offer a wide range of services under the umbrella of endodontic procedures. These services include:

Endodontics: Saving Your Tooth

Unlike other procedures that either remove a tooth or replace a missing tooth, endodontics is concerned with saving your tooth. Our endodontists perform complicated procedures, including root canal treatment or surgery, to preserve your teeth after you have suffered from a traumatic event.

Advanced technology, training, and specialized technicians give us the ability to save your teeth. Otherwise, the alternative is replacing them, which is what endodontics tries to avoid. By saving your tooth, we can help you strengthen your tooth’s performance while retaining your natural smile. After all, nothing can replace your real teeth.

When Should You Consider Seeing an Endodontist?

One of the most reliable indicators that you should undergo endodontic therapy in Frisco, TX is the severity of pain in your tooth. If you have tried home remedies or medication, and nothing seems to work, then we recommend that you consult this kind of tooth specialist right away. The sooner you see a specialist at Frisco Dental, the more likely you are to solve a small problem before it turns into a costly medical issue.

You should also see this kind of tooth specialist if you have been in an accident and you are suffering from a great deal of pain. The good news is that no referral is required for endodontic therapy in Frisco, TX. You can request a consultation and treatment immediately.

Contact Frisco Dental Today for Endodontic Surgery

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