Pediatric Dental Fillings

No one loves the thought of having to get a cavity filled, but at Frisco Dental Associates, we make this process as painless as possible. For children, pediatric dental fillings are necessary to preserve and protect the primary (baby) tooth until it is replaced by the adult tooth. Sometimes parents ask if a filling is necessary since the primary tooth is eventually going to fall out. While it’s true that these teeth are temporary, they still serve vital functions in:

  • Holding space for the adult tooth
  • Promoting proper development for the jaws
  • Aiding in speech development

Remember, some of these primary teeth do not fall out until your child is 10 or 12—that’s a long time to go without a tooth if your child is currently only in the preschool years.

What to Expect

If your child needs a filling, rest assured that though the process is similar to that of an adult tooth, it is usually simpler because the tooth structure is less involved. The steps involved in this process are:

  • Numbing the Area: We use local anesthesia to numb the area around the affected tooth.
  • Removing Tooth Decay: We will remove the decayed portion and shape the space to prepare it for the filling. A solution is applied to the tooth to allow for bonding, and the tooth is treated with a special light to prepare it for the filling material.
  • Adding Filling Material: For certain types of fillings, we will layer on the resin (tooth-colored composite) and harden it using a bright light. This makes it strong.
  • Polishing: Once the filling has been placed, we will polish the teeth and evaluate the bite. We will make any adjustments needed to ensure your child’s bite remains aligned.

If multiple fillings are needed, we may elect to complete these over the course of multiple appointments, depending on the individual child’s ability to sit still. Sometimes it is easier on kids—and their parents—if we go in stages, rather than expecting more patience than they are capable of exercising.

After the Filling

Post-procedure care is simple; your child should be able to resume normal activity once the anesthetic has worn off. Proper oral hygiene will not only help the tooth with the filling but will help prevent other teeth from requiring additional work as well. Our team members will review any specific questions you have, as well as any recommendations we have for your child. To schedule a pediatric dentistry appointment at Frisco Dental, call 469.388.0372.