boy receiving pediatric dentistry service by pediatric dentist in Frisco TxPediatric Dental Fillings

Pediatric dental fillings treat cavities on a child’s teeth. Dental fillings can also be used to treat cracks or chips in teeth. The point of a dental filling by a pediatric dentist is to fill an area that has become sensitive to decay. If you are looking for pediatric dental fillings in Frisco, TX because your child is experiencing tooth pain, schedule an appointment at Frisco Dental.

Pediatric Dentist Visit

When you bring your child to the dentist for a cleaning, the dentist may find cavities that need repair and filling. If your child still has all of their baby teeth, it is up to you and your dentist to decide what solution is best. Things that will come into question when visiting a pediatric dentist in Frisco, TX are:

  • What age your child is
  • Which teeth have the decay
  • Whether or not the child is in pain

Children can need pediatric dental fillings for all kinds of reasons. It does not mean that you are a bad parent or that they are fibbing about brushing their teeth. Such reasons include soft teeth, medications that cause dry mouth, bruxism, and acidic erosion from food.

Neither you nor the dentist is likely to know that your child will need fillings prior to going in. Once you get to the dentist, it is usually for a scheduled cleaning. The dentist will look over the child’s mouth and clean it. If your child needs a filling, your dentist will let you know. If you both have time to do the procedure directly after the cleaning, the procedure is typically scheduled then.

You may choose not to get the filling if the tooth is loose and going to give way soon to an adult tooth. In a case like this, you may want to go through with the procedure if it is on a front tooth. This will avoid risking discoloration of the front tooth, which could lead to bullying.

What Happens During Pediatric Dental Fillings?

If you decide to press on, your dentist will make preparations. When everything is in place, the dentist will use a local anesthetic to prevent your child from feeling pain from the laser or the drill.

Next, the dentist will remove any decay that needs to come out. They will test to be sure that the removal of decay is complete. This includes all bacteria and debris. Once it is all removed, the dentist will add the filling composite. Lastly, they will polish the filling, and your child will be all done!

Once the filling is in place, you will want to take care that your child does not consume any overly sticky or crunchy foods. Sticky foods can pull fillings out, and crunchy foods can damage the fillings.

What Are Fillings Made From?

At one time lead was the main ingredient for fillings. Pediatric dental fillings in Frisco, TX are no longer made with lead. The same goes for many products, such as paint and other things that children can get their hands on and ingest.

Sometimes dentists will have preferred materials to use on children. A lot of the time, the filling material will come down to cost and durability. Examples of filling materials include:

  • Gold fillings
  • Silver fillings
  • Tooth-colored composite

If you’re looking for a pediatric dentist in Frisco, TX, our dentists can perform a range of pediatric dental fillings. Give us a call today at 469.388.0372 to find out how we can help you replace your child’s old fillings or keep an eye out for new ones that might be needed.