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When most people think of an orthodontist, they think of kids and braces. If you never got the braces that you wanted, it’s not too late. Having straight teeth can be empowering and boost your confidence. In addition, bite problems can pose additional problems for people. They can cause TMJ, the inability to chew your food properly, and even lead you to need tooth pain treatment. Don’t worry, though, Frisco Dental can help with all of your orthodontic needs!

What Can An Orthodontist Do For You?

An orthodontist in Frisco, TX can fix your poorly aligned teeth. Fixing your crooked teeth will help you feel better about your smile and can help you with other issues. Most people do not have teeth that are so misaligned that they are unable to chew, but an orthodontist can help these people as well.

Misalignment can cause speech problems, oral hygiene problems, and as mentioned above, TMJ or jaw stress. Your tooth doctor will use different devices to achieve the look that is appropriate for you.

How Does A Tooth Doctor Fix My Smile?

First, your dentist will likely recommend that you visit an orthodontist in Frisco, TX for some corrective procedures. Then you will go to the tooth doctor. They will take x-rays and assess the current state of your bite. Here is a list of problems that an orthodontist can correct:

  • Aesthetic problems
  • Anteroposterior deviations
  • Overcrowding

These problems are all fixed with three primary devices: braces, headgear and facemasks, and retainers.


Braces are brackets and wire attached to your teeth in a way that will pull them into the place that this kind of tooth doctor thinks is right. There are many types of braces these days. You can choose from clear ones that are practically invisible to the metal ones that you usually see on young people’s faces.

People can wear these for up to two years to get their teeth where they need to be. During this time, the patient will have regular check-ups to be sure that things are aligning correctly.

When you have braces, you have to be aware of eating things like apples or gum. Gum and chewy things can become stuck in braces, and eating an apple without cutting it could rip the brackets off of your teeth.

The procedure to put them on is relatively long, but that is the worst part of the process. Your mouth has to be open and dry for the braces to adhere properly. Overall, the procedure is painless.

Headgear and Facemasks

When the teeth need more movement than braces on their own can provide, dentists use these devices. They usually fix developmental problems in the bone structure of the jaw. This may be the case in people with a severe overbite or underbite. These devices are not usually hard to put on or install, but they can be hard to wear because they are not easily hidden.


If you do get orthodontic treatment in Frisco, TX, retainers are usually the last step. Once your braces are removed, you will get a retainer that will help push your teeth into the perfect place. Sometimes retainers are suggested for long term use so that teeth do not go back to their original positions. Often, long term retainer users will be asked only to wear their retainers at night.

Finding a Dentist

If you are looking for orthodontic treatment in the Frisco, TX area, give Frisco Dental a call. We can help you with all of your tooth alignment needs.

In addition to the treatments mentioned above, we also offer:

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