diagram shows all on 4 implants in the bottom jawAll On 4 Implants

All on 4 implants are full dentures secured by four implanted posts on the top or bottom of the mouth. They can be less expensive than having multiple implants, and it can be more convenient than living with missing teeth. However, there are multiple things to consider before receiving this kind of implant.

What are All on 4 Implants?

As stated above, All on 4 implants in Frisco, TX is a whole set of top or bottom false teeth secured by four implanted posts or screws. In this situation, a patient has all teeth removed before receiving a fitting for dentures. Once the area where the teeth have been removed has healed, the patient will go into oral surgery.

The surgeon will then perform an irreversible procedure called ridge reduction. They implant four posts or screws into the patient’s jawbone. Once the surgical area has healed, and the lab has made the denture, the patent will go into the dentist’s office to have the denture fitted and placed.

All on 4 implants are an excellent option for people looking to get dentures. However, if you still have the majority of your teeth, you may want to consider other options. This kind of dental implant comes with challenges just like any other procedure. Be sure to speak with your Frisco, TX dentist about what options are best for you and your lifestyle.

Things to Consider About All on 4 Implants

The most significant thing to consider about receiving All on 4 implants is the irreversibility of the operation. Once you have the ridge reduction surgery done and your teeth have been pulled, you do not have the option of turning back.

Here are some issues that people commonly have after undergoing an All on 4 implant procedure:

  • Speech problems
  • Psychological adaptation
  • Sensitivity
  • Parafunction

You may have seen All on 4 implants advertised heavily as the perfect alternative to having dentures and spending a lot of money to fix all of your teeth. You need to keep in mind that you are going to essentially have a denture anchored to your jaw bone. The denture is not going to feel like part of your mouth at first and will be bulkier than the teeth that were in place before.

The bulkiness can cause speech problems for All on 4 patients, similar to those caused by dentures. People have reported having problems with their speech when it comes to pronouncing certain letters, such as “D” or “T.” Over time, people can learn to overcome the impediment, but it will take practice. This might be an issue for people that work on camera, on the radio, in teaching, or in the service industry.

Another big issue for many people is their inability to get used to the feeling of the denture. Before you have a denture in place, you feel the soft tissue of your mouth as well as your teeth if you have them. Once you start wearing a denture, you will also feel its material. As a result, you might feel distracted by the denture’s presence in your mouth.

Another thing to keep in mind is general wear and tear. People tend to put too much pressure on their dentures, resulting in them needing repair.

One way to deal with this is to leave some teeth in place if possible. If all of the teeth must go, then the patient should try to keep either the top or the bottom until they can hone their gums’ ability to detect pressure. The same goes for people with bruxism, or teeth clenching.

Talking to Your Dentist

If you are looking for All on 4 implants in Frisco, TX, give Frisco Dental a call today at 469.388.0372. We can go over your personal situation and what having an All on 4 implants will mean for you.